FELIP International Journal on Engineering Analysis, Simulation and Additive Manufacturing  (FIJEASAM)

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Print ISSN: 2581-6098
Published Quarterly
About Journal and Scope

FELIP International Journal on Engineering Analysis, Simulation and Additive Manufacturing  (FIJEASAM) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality and original research papers in the areas of immediate relevance to engineering design and manufacturing. It is published quarterly in both print and online formats. The editorial board consists of renowned academicians, researchers….. More

Engineering design and modelling
  • CAD and CAE
  • Engineering design for X (DFA/DFM/DFAM)
  • Optimisation (size and shape) / Process optimisation / Optmisation methods
  • Multi, inter and transdisciplinary engineering design
  • New engineering product design and development
  • Design of experiments
  • Impact of big data, IoT and Industry 4.0 practices on design
  • Virtual environments and reality
Analysis & Simulation
  • Finite element analysis
    Structural analysis (residual / thermal / failure analysis / dynamic analysis / crash impact / contact / buckling /fatigue)
  • Computational fluid dynamics
    Fluid flow (cavitation / combustion / multiphase flow / turbulence)
  • Acoustics
  • Heat transfer
  • Multiphysics
  • Electrical and electromagnetic simulation
  • Applications, benchmarks and case studies
Additive Manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing processes
  • Materials for additive manufacturing (metals / plastics / ceramics / composites)
  • Software and CAD interface
  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering
  • Rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing
  • Hybrid manufacturing
  • Neoteric entrepreneurship models based on additive manufacturing
  • Applications and case studies
Editorial Board (International)
Dr. Ian Gibson
Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env
School of Engineering
Deakin University
Geelong, Victoria, post code – VIC 3220 (Australia)
Dr. Kumar Tamma
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, post code  – MN 55455 (USA)
Dr. S. Joseph Anthony
Associate Professor
School of Chemical And Process Engineering
University of Leeds
Leeds, post code – LS2 9JT, (UK)

Dr. Chenfeng Li
Associate Professor
Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering
Swansea University
Swansea, Wales,
post code – SA2 8PP (UK)
Dr. Kathryn E. Stecke
Naveen Jindal School of
Management ,
University of Texas
Austin, Texas,
post code – TX 78712 (USA)
Dr. Ramesh Agarwal
Department of Aerospace
Washington University
St. Louis, Missouri,
post code – MO 63130 (USA)
Dr. Godfrey Onwubolu
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology
Sheridan College
Brampton, Ontario,
post code – L6Y 5H9 (Canada)
Dr. Nickolas Sapidis
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Western Macedonia
Kozani, post code – 50100 (Greece)
Dr. Willie du Preez
Associate Professor and Director
CRPM Research Centre
Central University of Technology
post code – 9301 (South Africa)
Email – wdupreez@cut.ac.za
Dr. Francisco Mata Cabrera
Applied Mechanical Department And Project Engineering
University of Castilla-La Mancha
Almaden, post code – 13071 (Spain)
Email – Francisco.MCabrera@uclm.es
Dr. Kari T. Koskinen
Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
Tampere, post code – 33720(Finland)
Email – kari.t.koskinen@tut.fi
Chief Editor
Dr. Udayagiri Chandrasekhar
Vice Chairman
Bangalore, Karnataka, pin – 560043 (India)
Email – india@nafems.co.in
Editorial Board (Industry Experts) 
Dr. K. S. Raghavan
Chief – Structures
Hyderabad, Telangana,
pin – 500 081 (India)
Mr. D. Uma Maheshwar
Executive Chief Consulting Engineer
GE Aviation
Bengaluru, Karnataka,
pin – 560100 (India)
Dr. Sreehari Kumar B
Senior Consultant
Tata Consultancy Services
Bengaluru, Karnataka, pin – 560100 (India)
Email – sreeharikumar.b@tcs.com
Dr. Rajeev Jain
Scientist ‘G’
Gas Turbine Research Establishment
Bengaluru, Karnataka, pin – 560093 (India)